Our Technology



Our patented closed-loop system combines vertical farming with advanced greenhouse technology to minimize its environmental impact and provides a microclimate optimized for each individual plant. As a result, we believe it is the only greenhouse system in the world which can offer commercial produce at scale with minimal environmental impact. Our system allows us to grow more than 100 varietals, 365 days per year in all 6 global climate zones. We can pick, pack and deliver reliable, safe produce faster than anyone else to our customers by strategically locating our greenhouses near large scale retail distribution centers.


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• Protection From Pests

• Pesticide-Free Product

• Non-GMO Products

• No Soil or Contamination Risks

• Protection From Food Borne Illness

• Seed-to-Shelf Traceability

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• Less Than 1% Food Waste

• Consistent Growth Color & Appearance

• Ability to Grow 100+ Varietals of Produce

• Locally Grown for Fresher, Healthier Produce

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• 12 Crop Cycles Per Year

• 21 Day Propagation Time

• 28 Day Growth Time in System

• Longer Shelf Life (21 Days)

• Produce Delivered Faster to Retail Partners

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• Ability to Grow Year Round

• Harvest 365 Days Per Year

• Growability in All 6 Major Climate Zones

• Solution for countries with: Limited Access to Fresh Produce, High Land Costs, Limited Access to Water, Weather & Climate Concerns

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• 98% Less Water

• 88% Less Shipping Fuel

• 99% Less Land

• 240X Crop Yield

• Carbon Negative Facility

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• Portion of Each Harvest Donated to Local Food Banks

• Roots & Stem Remnants Donated to Feed Companies

• Mission to Feed and Heal the World Through Safe and Nutritious Produce