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Our technology is designed to do what nature intended in a more efficient manner.

We are revolutionizing the way plants are grown and igniting a transformation in commercial agriculture production. What began as a desire to help children, has turned into a mission to feed and heal the world. We are driven by a belief in a better way to grow – one where safety, reliability and efficiency become the expectation. Our technology makes this possible. Our products make this a reality.



Today, the world gets one step closer to solving the food crisis, thanks to the advances of Eden Green Technology.”
— Amy Blankson, Forbes
Eden Green Technology not only cracks the food code, it cracks the scale code. Its ability to scale tremendously well makes them viable economically.”
— Jack Dweck, Earthbound
Eden Green Technology launches a vertical farm in a greenhouse in Cleburne with ambitions to provide fresher and cleaner produce to consumers.”
— Rodger Millison, Star-Telegram
Eden Green Technology keeps the benefits of the vertical farm concept, but removes the indoor growing aspect in favor of greenhouse production, as well as adds some new technology to the mix.”
— Jennifer Polanz, InsideGrower